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What we look for in a business partner:

  • Held at least a management position in your previous career.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit & attitude
  • Desire to help others and a desire to improve your own life
  • Looking for work-life balance

Why Our Network Loves Us

"I joined Trusted Advisors because I wanted to own my own business but also have control over my business model. Trusted Advisors provides all that I need to be successful including first class materials, continuous training, and support in other areas of my business from an extremely capable staff."
Linda S.
“When one becomes affiliated with Trusted Advisors, there are a number of resources made available to you. For me the one that has been the most significant is my relationship with my Trusted Advisors coach, Wendy Howland. The value of this relationship is literally beyond measure.”
Nancy T
“My biggest challenge by far with my own independent consulting practice was the assisted buying (marketing) phase. I had a negative attitude about this phase and spent a lot of time attempting to avoid it. It felt like begging to me. After going through Trusted Advisors training, I came to realize that the assisted buying phase is a clear and focused process that is done with integrity. I discovered that I had a base of skills, which were easy to build upon with practice. What a relief is was to discover that I can not only do it well, but that it is actually a fun process.”​
Michael G.

How We Help You Succeed


One of the benefits of becoming affiliated with Trusted Advisors Network is that you are paired with a personal Business Coach. You will receive unlimited accountability,. We are committed to your success!


Our library of processes and deliverables are at your fingertips. Each tool that is fully customizable to be tailored to your client's needs.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is a key aspect to your business success. You will be working on it day in and day out and we will be helping you maintain it every step of the way!

Proven Processes That Produce Results


Stone Fabrication


The client was operating in the red due to stagnant growth even though their market held significant potential. The inexperience of a young management team was identified as a contributing factor. In addition, the owner was admittedly reluctant to delegate projects and authority to the inexperienced team which caused angry customers, bottlenecks, and missed opportunities. The owner made the decision to invest in their untapped potential to grow their team therefore growing the company.


An executive leadership development process was designed and implemented for the management team and the owner.


  • Customer Satisfaction surveys were installed and ratings averaged 9+ on a 10 point scale within a few short months.
  • More money was made in one month than in the previous 18 months combined.
  • In the four subsequent years, the company has grown nearly 400%. They were a $1.2 million dollar company losing money when the process began.
  • They are now growing, highly profitable $5 million company setting their sights on becoming a $10 million company.

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.


Aftermarket auto retailer, four locations


Out of the four retail locations only one was profitable. One was on the brink of closure, and the other two were just maintaining. The owner’s business and personal debt were increasing while the business was losing inventory, losing employees, and unable to pay vendors. The owner admitted that decisions about hiring, firing, process upgrades, and employee compensation were rash with little thought to results or consequences.


The Affiliate created and facilitated a strategic planning process for the owner and management team. The team worked together to create a business plan, identify critical goals, and create manageable action steps for those goals which could be reviewed on a monthly dashboard. The client examined their core values, and translated those into a vision that was communicated to all employees generating excitement among the entire team.


  • A new strategic direction and actionable plan was created.
  • Buy-in from entire management team was achieved.
  • Decided to keep all locations open, and lagging store was profitable within two months.
  • Overhaul of accounting practices, finances, staff, inventory, and mix of business.
  • A process was designed and company-wide to track returns.
  • Created a consistent interview process and job descriptions.

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