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We have been helping professionals create and sustain successful consulting & coaching businesses for over 40 years.

What Would I Be Doing?

Providing Overall Improvement

You'll help your clients maximize outcomes and profitability by helping them develop a solid strategic plan, grow their team, and improve their processes.

You Are the Problem Solving Guru

You are constantly making use of your expert ability to solve problems in any industry.

Developing Goal Minded People

You guide individuals and businesses to achieve personal and professional objectives by delivering a proven process.

You will make a difference.

By assisting clients in developing and managing appropriate strategic, cultural, and structural changes.

By providing personalized processes and support materials to your clients, you will help these individuals and/or businesses turn goals into reality.

By developing Individuals and businesses alike to achieve their full potential–not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives too.

Changing lives while living yours to the fullest.

Helping Others Succeed
Do you enjoy the rewarding feeling of helping others succeed in their professional lives? Use your experience and skill sets to build an Independent Consulting and/or Coaching business.

Financial Freedom 
No matter how you define it.

Work-Life Balance
Are you tired of living out of a suitcase, working countless hours, being downsized, and missing important family milestones? Working for yourself can help you achieve the work-life balance you have been dreaming of.

Here's How we help you

Personal Support Team

One of the benefits of becoming affiliated with Trusted Advisors Network is that you are paired with a personal Support Team. Our team is committed to your success and helps you create a marketing plan in which you feel comfortable executing (Don’t worry, we also help you with that!). We are there for you when it comes to creating and implementing a tailored process to achieve measurable results for your clients. Partner with Trusted Advisors and you will receive unlimited accountability, because believe me, you will.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is a key aspect to your business success. Although it is ever evolving, it is not a document that is going to sit on your shelf and collect dust. You will be working on it day in and day out and Trusted Advisors will be helping you maintain it every step of the way!

Power Summit

Three times a year, Trusted Advisors Network hosts Power Summits. These are sessions that take place over a three-day period and are found to be extremely valuable to our network. They provide the perfect opportunity for our coaches and consultants to learn specific ways to grow their businesses, develop themselves, network with one another, and focus on continuous development by learning from their peers about new methods and best practices. We at Trusted Advisors like to consider these sessions as an open learning forum for the network. Our network of coaches and consultants has a high level of diversity when it comes to prior positions held and industry expertise, therefore creating an extremely collaborative sharing environment.

A Well-Fed Pipeline

We have numerous proven processes in order to help you keep your pipeline full.

Logo Design & Web Development

Our Creative Solutions team is at your service! You will help guide us in developing a professional corporate brand for your new business: Logo design, business card creations, a corporate website, marketing pieces, presentations, and other branding elements. These are just a few of the many resources that Trusted Advisors’ Creative Solutions team can produce for you.

Library of Material

Our library of processes and deliverables are at your fingertips. Our processes are available in the form of a hardcover book or online format, perfect for any and all of your clients’ needs. We also provide a content library that is easily accessible for our affiliates to use at their disposal.

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